Looking for something special for your next event? I can create table and party decorations for you. You choose the theme the color and the size because these are custom handmade party decorations. Custom table decorations are not throw away party fare, these are keep sakes that can be given as gifts or raffled off at an event.

Custom party favors are perfect for... Birthday parties, Children's parties, Graduation parties, Baby showers, Holiday parties, Business events, fundraisers and more!

Balloon Art

Custom Orders

I create customized balloon art. If you can imagine it, i can create it! Fun and imaginitve balloon art adds beauty and color to any event. Large or small balloon art is sure to be a hit with your guests.To ensure maximum freshness, your balloon creation is made dureing the night before your event or the morning of.

Do you charge a travel fee?

If you book me to entertain for your event I'll diliver your order. I do not charge for deliveries in Chino Hills. If your delivery is outside my area an additional fee will be added depending on your location. Mileage outside of Chino Hills is $1 per mile for areas outside Chino Hills, California. "

To get more information or to place orders please go to my Contact page