Glitter Tattoos

Add a little sparkle to your party!!

Add some glitter and glitz to your party with glitter tattoos. I'll create free hand glitter art for your party or event. I'll create designs that are sure to amaze. Glitter tattoos are a hit for any event because adults and teens love them too!

Not into glitter? Try a Mica Tattoo. Instead of the glitter I can apply cosmetic Mica powder (like mineral makeup, but intensely pigmented) for a matte tattoo. Guys of all ages line up for these realistic looking tattoos in plain black.

UV tattoos glow! They are a must have at your black light party! UV tattoos look great without a black light because the colors are neon. When you use a black light the colors glow.

Glitter Tattoos last are water proof so they are perfect for Pool Parties!

How is a Glitter Tattoo applied?

First the skin is cleaned with alcohol then you choose the design. I will apply a cosmetic adhesive in a free hand design/stencil. When the glue dries, it disappears, and I can add the glitter!! The tattoo is covered with cosmetic grade glitter, in the colors you choose. Now you have a beautiful sparkly tattoo that is waterproof and will last 3-5 days!

Is the glitter safe, what are the ingredients?

YES! The glitter is safe and does not contain any metals or glass. It is made of polyester plastic, and it is safe for sensitive skin.

How long do Glitter tattoos usually last?

Glitter tattoo generally will last between 3 to 5 days if taken care of properly.

How do I make my Glitter/Mica Tattoo last longer?

It also depends on where it is positioned on the body if applied where clothing rubs on the tattoo it can rub off. Glitter Tattoos are waterproof. You may swim, shower, and bathe as usual. But try to avoid rubbing or scratching the tattoo when it is wet, as it is glued to the top layer of your skin, which softens when wet, so if you rub hard the tattoo may come off. Oils and alcohols break down the tattoo adhesive, so avoid putting lotion or sunscreen over the tattoo.

How can I remove my Glitter Tattoo?

To remove a Glitter or Mica Tattoo, dampen the tattoo with rubbing alcohol or baby oil, allow it to sit a moment and soften, then rub gently with a cotton ball or cotton pad. This process may need to be repeated several times before the tattoo is completely gone.

How do I book an event?

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